Saturday, July 9, 2016

Another adventure with Pyrography and tangling: Wood bracelet

Finally got enough courage to try a 3D item. I finished all the crosses not ready to tackle the candle plates yet. Wanted a little more practice before I attempted those. Overall I was pleased with the way this turned out. Here is the item that I finished. Will make a few comments after the pictures.

Kept it pretty simple using Paradox as the primary pattern. I like the contrast but did have some difficulty getting a consistent burn on the triangle sections. Could say that it had something to do with the wood but am guessing that it had more to do with me. On the other hand I kind of like the "marbled effect" with the uneven burn. These pictures are before I have done anything to seal or finish them. Will have to see what I will do. I like the Tung oil but it also darkens the wood. Will contact some of the other people I know and see what options there are.

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Go Tangle !!