Monday, November 19, 2018

Adventures in Pyrography: Tangled Turtle Cutting board

Have been working on this for some time and was finally able to finish it.  It sat idle for a long time as was working on completing a few other projects.  The tangles that I used also took a while to do. Bought the cutting board from Michael's a while back.  Some of you may have seen the cow that did earlier.  Used a Razertip  D-10 burner with medium fixed regular skew for the line work. The tipple and border outline was done with a 2.3 mm stylus ball and the shading in Gneiss was done with a triangular shader.

Here is the finished project. Sorry I did not take lot of pictures of the proceess.  Took this one early on so you can see what I started with.

Here is the way it ended.

Tangles used: Gneiss, Paradox, Tipple

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