Tuesday, December 11, 2018

More Pyrograpny Pendants: Icanthis, Tipple, and Ahh

I have been doing more burning lately on wood shapes.  I have done crosses and I also used round wood discs that are about 1.5".  I have a few more to do but I wanted to do an organic tangle.  I may have been a little ambitious.  I chose to do Icanthis.  It is definitely harder to burn than to draw with a pen. I am still very new to this medium.  Looking forward to trying more things. I remembered to do a short series of pictures to show how it progressed.

This last picture is the difference in the wood after I put the beeswax polish on it.

Tangles used: Icanthis,Tipple, Ah
The shading was done with a triangular shading tip.  Icanthis & Ahh was done with a tip called a spear. Don't remember the size, but it is small, The Tipple is done with  a 1.5 mm ball stylus.

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Sunday, December 2, 2018

More pyrography: Tangled crosses

I picked these up a couple of months ago but as often happens, life got in the way of doing anything with them.  I have done some before and enjoy doing them.  Some smaller ones I actually used a micron to draw patterns on them.  Did not want to do this this time.

 Some times the simplest patterns make for satisfying results.  These are wooden crosses that I got at a craft store. They are about 1.75" x 2.75"x ¼ ".  Not sure what the wood is. It does not say on the package.  Will explain a little more after the picture.

Cannot always do tangles in the way that would with a pen.  The tangle is like perf and used mostly as an embellishment. Some would say it is Tipple, but that tends to be larger. Ends up being a stippling effect.  I used a small stylus ball to do.  My burner is a Razertip.  I use a beeswax polish to finish.  It does darken the wood a little but I do not mind the effect of this.  I like the opposite effect. 

When finished will attach bales to the back and use a black waxed cotton cord  attached to that.  

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Go Tangle !!