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I have been an LCSW for over 40 years. I am currently in a private practice in Kokomo, IN.  I have always been interested in art but was more a doodler and did not perceive myself as an artist. My sister, Suzanne Wilka introduced me to Zentangle® in 2010. I was excited from the beginning as it gave a direction to what I was doing. My experimenting with this art form has expanded to doing other things other than just the tiles and it is exciting to consider other possibilities. I completed the training and became a CZT in September 2012. I am glad I was able to do this. Zentangle has also added another tool in my clinical practice as I have found it useful as a calming activity for all ages. 

I have enjoyed cycling at various times in my life. Now I enjoy going for rides just to enjoy the country side. It is also a good exercise. I have not had a chance to do any touring and not sure if it will happen, but I enjoy my rides on the trails where I live and am glad that they are expanding.

I owe my interest in knitting and crocheting to a 4th grade teacher. She would make blankets out of squares that students would knit and donate them to the Red Cross. I did not do much as a child with this and  picked it up again when I was in college. It has provided me with ways to provide individualized gifts for my children, grandchildren and friends. I do not do anything fancy, but it is also a calming activity for me.

I hope to have pictures and links for each of these areas, and any more interests that I might add. Whatever you are interested in, I hope you enjoy the postings and comments on any of the pages. I hope that some of the things on the blog will encourage you to begin, continue, or expand your participation in any of these activities.

Happy tangling, cycling, knitting, and crocheting!


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