Friday, November 25, 2016

New experience with things: Outdated computer & Consignment work

I have been neglectful in posting anything. Still doing a lot to have items for the market that I am participating in for 7 weeks in November and December. That has kept me pretty busy. That and dealing with a computer that was really acting up. Finally had to give in and get a new one. My other was about 8 years old and my operating system was not supported by most platforms. Really made it difficult to do much. For a while, I could not even access one of my email accounts. Still trying to learn how to navigate the new operating system. It is all still there it is just finding out where it is located and how to get to it. The older I get the less I like change. I knew where things were before. Kind of like when my wife rearranges things in the cupboards.

Well enough about that topic. It is mostly just venting.  I have been doing ornaments for about 4 years. I have a variety of glass balls, ceramic shapes, framed ZIAs and different paper ornaments. This was the first time that someone asked if I could personalize them. This year I also had a a few chalkboard ornaments. I got them on sale at one of the hobby stores at the end of the season last year. Those were the ones that the customer decided on. I think part of it is that I had 3 of the same shape. Was a little nervous as I do not do a lot of lettering. I kept it simple. I was pleased with the way that they turned out. I hope the customer is as well. Will be giving them to her tomorrow.

Cannot tell from the picture, but the top one is a bright orange. For some reason it came out looking more yellow.  Besides the names, they wanted me to work in the person's favorite color. Used chalk markers (Bistro chalk markers by Uchida)  on the pink and orange ones. Could not find a blue chalk marker that I liked. The paint markers I had were all dark and did not show up well. Ended up using a Sakura metallic gel pen for the blue one.  Used a spray sealer to protect. 

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