Sunday, March 31, 2019

Exploring different styles: Steampunk tangles - a whimsical tile

Life has a way of jumping up and getting your attention. That last two weeks  have been a good example of that for me.  I was struggling with a shoulder injury which unfortunately ended up  being a torn rotator cuff.  Was painful and interfering with sleep enough that decided to get it repaired.  Scheduled the surgery and began working out things to deal with the immediate issues of the recovery.  Could  not stay alone.  That was coming together and I even had a class planned 2 days before the surgery as it is on my dominant side and knew would not be doing much tangling for a while.  That is a part of this post as the tile was to demonstrate a  different way do a tile.  The real kicker came when abut a week before the surgery I got a call that my younger sister had unexpectly died.  that was enough of a shock but got thrown into having to deal with a lo as she was single s next of kin was our Mother, which I have POA for.  Thus, handling things fell on me.  My older sister has helped tremendously with this. But even with her help exhausted doesn't adequately describe how I am feeling most of the time.

As a result of the surgery, have not done much tangling. Could do some non-dominant hand tangling but have to do so much writing with my left hand the effort is more draining.  Miss not being able to tangle.  This is the last tile I did.  Is more whimsical.  Is a vehicle with some character at the helm.  Hope you like it.

Tangles used: Tailpipe, Huggins, Whirly Bird, Chalice, Lifter, Wingnut, Smoke Stax, Sphere Gear, Boilerplate, Steel,and Tipple. Tangles were deconstructed by Alice Hendon, Sandra Strait, and Christine Reyes.  

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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Exploring different styles: Steampunk

I have been interested in the Steampunk style of tangling but have not tried it before. I have to admit it was a little intimidating as I think that working in this style takes a little more planning than the traditional Zentangle® method. As some times happens to get me started on something new, I will plan to do a class on it.  This kind of makes me explore it more and spend some time with it.  I am still in the early stages of this and exploring different tangles.  I  know that Sandra Strait has done a  lot on Steampunk. For my initial work I used Alice Hendon's "Tanlge Starts Planner Into the Future".  It is a  journal/planner but it also has 100 different steampunk tangles included in this book.  I practiced some of them.  Here is what that looked like.

The tangles in the book are from Alice Hendon, Sandra Strait and Christina Reyes.  The ones that I used here are Roller, Beaded Pipez, Quadrant, and Chalice( clockwise from the second row). the upper left hand corner is a variation of a tangle from Zentangle, Huggins, and making in a steampunk style., or at least an attempt.

This was where most of my practice was and then I did a 4"x 4" tile using some of these and a variety of others. Here is the result of that. 

The background tangles are Steel, Barz, and Boxed up( across the tile from the left). The others are Helical, Smoke Stax Whistle, and Quadrant.  The middle row is Roller and the bottom are Spool and Quadrant.  The tangle connecting the two Quadrants is Rotory. The tangle connecting Spools is Beaded Pipez. 

This fun to do, even though it did stretch me alittle. Have some work to do to feel comfortable with some of the tangles but that is part of the fun.

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