Sunday, September 30, 2018

Dual Challenge: Diva Challenge #369 - Orb-tastic & Anything Goes - Tangled Art for Everyone - Ode to Crescent Moon

Not sure that I will get this done ion tome to post in the Diva Challenge.   I wanted to do this mostly because I needed to do something that was more repetitive and for me relaxing. I did accomplish this but it took longer than what I expected. I use Tipple a lot but not so much Crescent Moon.  What I did on this was to think of different ways that I could use Crescent Moon.  Are probably more, but I got at least four done.  I used Tipple in the one version in a way that I usually do with Crescent Moon.  I tried to not be so exact with the orbs and even did some "under work" rather than each one having to be a complete orb.  As is fairly common, the shading of this was one of the bigger challenges.  Here is what I come up with.  I hope you enjoy it.

Used 01 Micron and 2H and 4B pencil for shading.

I have not had time to look at what others have done with this challenge.  If you have not either, click on this link and see some interesting uses of orbs.

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Friday, September 7, 2018

New project - No Fuss Fish by Eden Reborn

A family member gave me a link for this project. It is not like I had anything else to do. They were not as easy to make as what it might have seemed.  Probably one of the biggest challenges was using the invisible thread to suspend the finished items.  The design is by Tracy Braybrook of Eden Reborn.  You can see things in her etsy shop at or her or @EdenReBorn Blog on Facebook.

Here is the finished project.

Not my usual post on Zentangle® projects.

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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Alcohol ink wash for a background.

This was a class that I did some time ago that I finally finished the piece.  The class was on different backgrounds so was not as much about the tangles. The process is to wet the paper, and then put the ink on the page.  Then the fun begins.  You then just let the ink run over the page, turning it to spread it on the page in a random fashion.  I don't have a picture of what it looked like before I started tangling but here is what I think is the finished piece.

Most of the tangles are from Zentangle®.  The ones that are not are Birds on a Wire, Wist, Phicops,Fassett, Featherfall and Joy.  I am pretty sure that all of these are on Tangle Patterns.  

Am trying to decide about getting it framed.  That is always a challenge for me.  This is an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper.  

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Friday, July 27, 2018

Beyond the Basics class: Tangled 3-D House

Just completed a class using Dorian Eng's tangled houses concept.  Was a fun enjoyable class.  Was a challenge getting them together but learned a few things that I will use if I do the class again.  Here are pictures of the different pieces to the house.

Only a picture of the gable that is in the front of the house.  The back is similar except  there are no flowers and I did the tangle Gneiss where the window is on this one.

Here are the tiles for the roof.  I used the tangle Shing.  

Here are the front and back.  The front is on the left.

These are the two sides.  

Here are pictures of the house put together.  


The one on the right is one of the student's houses.  This is the front.  I took a series of all sides.  Here they are.

One student had the tangling done but did not get it all constructed. She is a big Harry Potter fan.  She did a Slithering theme.  Here is the picture I took of what she had done in the class.

She sent me a picture of the finished house after class. She has Harry Potter lego figures in front and used an electric candle for the lighting.

Here are pictures that she sent me after she had completed it.

You can see the lego figures better in this picture.

She added tissue paper behind the window cut-outs for an additional "green glow".  Said she was looking for a darker green and may put that in it.

If you are interested in classes, click on my class tab on the banner on the top of my home page. There is information about scheduled classes there.  If have other questions, you can email me.

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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Completed cutting board: Burned tangled cow

After 20+ hours I finally finished the cutting board.  Most of the time was spent doing the shading/burning.  Did not realize would take that long.  Probably could have made the striping a little bigger.  That would have cut down on the number that I needed to shade.  Here are the pictures as it progressed.

I am not going to repost all the pictures from the original post but this is what it looked like in the begining. 

Here is the next step of tangling the hooves and creating the legs. Used the tangle Paradox for the hooves.  Only one more step but it was a large one. 

And here is the finished cutting board.  Thought about adding a bell to the collar but opted not to add this.  I am still a "newbie" when it comes to pyrography.   I still have a lot to learn. I could have spend a little more time preparing the wood. I thought I had it pretty smooth, but as was burning, there were a few rough spots.  Think it lead to some feathering, or over burns.  This was also probably due to not having the heat setting quite right. Have the same problem with water colors.  Get impatient.  Try to do things too quickly.  

Tangles used in this are: Tail-Shattuck: Horns-Fassett; Collar-Hybrid variation; Hooves-Paradox; Spot-Striping.  The end of the tail is just line work.  

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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Another pyrography project: Cutting board - Cow shaped

Now that I finished the wood cuff, have moved on to the next project.  I bought a couple of wood forms at Michael's a while ago. One is shaped like a turtle and the other is shaped like a cow.  Not sure why I chose to do the cow first.  Maybe is was because I did not know what I wanted to do on the turtle.  Of course I did not have a clear idea of what I wanted to do with the cow either.  This will be combination of tangles and just some shading.  Have a lot to do yet but here is what I have so far.

Wanted to take a picture of the blank form.  Almost forgot as I started on the tail a little  before I took the picture. 

I started with the tail.  The bottom is just line work and the tail uses the tangle Shattuck

Next I moved up to the ears and horn.  I used Fassett for he horns and some shading for the ears.

This was the hardest section so far.  Most is just shading and making it as dark as I could.  Had to go over it a lot.  The nose was not too hard to do.  The real problem was with the eyes.  I usually do not try to pencil in something but I had to with the eyes.  Tried a couple of things before I finally settled on this style.  I looked at a lot of pictures and tried a couple of different things.  This is the only thing that looked half way decent.  Made me realize why I do not like doing realistic art.  The collar is probably a little too high on the bottom but since I burned it, it has to stay.  Maybe will add something to it.

Will probably work on the feet next.  Have an idea of what I want to do on this. Then will work on the body.  Will probably be a lot of negative space.  Not sure how often I will post the progress on this.  May just do a series  to the end.  

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Friday, July 13, 2018

Tangled Wood Cuff: shaded and polished

Finally finished the shading on the wood cuff that I was working on.  It is difficult to get a picture of the whole thing.  I used the burner for the shading.  It is a triangular shaped nib that is for shading.  I used the edge of it for the darker outline.  The first picture is the wood cuff after all the shading was done.

Here is the cuff after I put the beeswax wood polish on it.

It took some time to do the shading.  Would probably try some different things if I did it again.  But I am pleased with the way that it turned out.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Update on the tangled cuff

Brief post just to show the progress so far. Decided to do the shading with the burner.  This is what I have so far, which is about ¼ of the cuff.  Takes a little time as will put down a little shading, then outline it, and then finish the shading.  The wood does get warm. Only slipped off the wood one time when I was working on the edge and caught my finger.  The first picture is from the original post and the second is with the shading that I have done so far.  Will post again when is completed.

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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Finally able to get in a little time on pyrography and a new adventure with henna tattoos

This will be a brief post. It has been some time since I have posted anything. Will try to be more diligent. The only new thing is that I have been doing some henna tattoos.  The other is that I finally had a chance to do some burning.  This is the only thing that I have gotten to so far. Have more things to work on.

Here are a couple pictures of some of the henna tattoos that I did.

Here is the pyrography project that am working on. Have the basic pattern. Not sure what else that I am going to with it.

  This is just a couple of pictures of the same piece.  

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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Mistaken Diva challenge: Bales sampler

I looked at the Diva Challenge and for some reason rather than remembering that it was a monotangle of Puf, I thought it was a monotangle of Bales.  Of course I did not go back and check until I had completed my tile. Oh well.  I like Bales as I see it as a base tangle.  You do the basic grid and then you an experiment with a lot of things.  There are a couple of tangles like this. Cadent is another one that comes to mind.  It is too late to complete another tile for the Challenge so am just posting this on my blog and will also post it in a couple of FB groups.  Here is what I came up with.  Hope you enjoy it.

The outer round is Puf , then is the way that I usually do Bales and then the last two are just variations. Shading done with HB pencil

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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Beyond the Basics class: Layered water color background

Do not post much about things that I do in a class but this was an interesting class.  I had introduced using a water color wash before but did not spend much time on adding layers.  Wanted to have them take their time putting down the water color before they tangled on the piece.  Am waiting to see the finished pieces as they were all so different.  One used a lot of small sections of color and used a lot of organic tangles, which is what she enjoys. With her permission may post a picture of it later.  I am showing the piece that I did.  I used larger sections of color and layered the same color on top. Did not try to layer different colors for muted or different effects.  Will post a series of pictures showing the piece as it progressed.  Really did not have a plan when I started. Picked a tangle and just let it develop.  Here is the results.

Thought I had a picture of just the water color but I guess that I did not .  I first did  what I am calling "Semi-crazy" Huggins.  Is not a regular grid but not too much "wonkiness".  I then put in Finery and then Puf.  

Next I added Inapod and then put Paradox around the outside.

I then added Zander in both sections. The next was the Flora variation and then added the Phicops and Zingers to finish it off.

I then added Mooka, Flux, and Tipple.  The Tipple was added and randomly.  Was looking at different orientations when I took this picture.

And here is the finished piece with the last section finished.   The paper is water color paper and is 6"x 8". 

The last tangle is Opsess, one that I did the step out for.

I have a couple of other projects I want to get to but want to do something like this again.  I would like to use smaller areas of color and try more blending like when doing the gems.  That is a time consuming process so not sure when I will get to it.

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Diva Challenge #360: "Duotangle Shattuck vs Tripoli"

This week' challenge is a duotangle which featured two tangles that I enjoy doing.  Shattuck was one of the first tangles that I learned and Tripoli was released shortly before I became a CZT.  Although I use to use Tripoli a lot, I realized when I started doing it, I have not used it much lately. The things I have been doing lately have been more organic. I used a Renaissance tile as it was what I had with me at the time.  Here is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy it.

Tangles used: Shattuck, Tripoli, 
Highlights done with white Gelly Roll.

I never to much shading or highlighting on Tripoli,  I just let the different patterns develop.  I have not had a chance to look at what others have submitted. If you have not either, would highly recommend that you to to I am the Diva and look at the other pieces submitted.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Diva Challenge #359: "String Theory - Finger Stringer"

This week's Diva Challenge presented different challenges to me than last weeks.  Last week's was what I consider "regular" tangling challenges of focus.  This week had to do more with my mood and reaction to recent events.  I will try to explain this without boring you too much.

 There are typical life events, like dealing with aging parents that have been dealing with for about a year.  There are probably events everyday that someone will have a reaction to.  This past week I guess they have been closer to me or people I know.  They are not unique, except to these individuals.  I know people who were affected by the terrible crash in Saskatchewan province that killed 15 members of the Humbolt Broncos hockey team. Then there was the devastating fire to the home, and death of fellow CZT Cris Letourneau's husband in the fire.

 I found my self with very strong reactions to this.  I wanted to do something as words didn't seem enough.  Was not sure what to do. When I saw what this week's challenge was, I began trying to think of a way I could use this art form that Cris is so much a part of it to honor her, her daughter Alexa,  and these other people.  I had a couple of ideas but was not sure that I would be able to do any of them.  I finally decided on something to try.  Not sure that I pulled it off, but this is what I came up with.  I hope you enjoy it.

Tangles used:  Joy, Indy-rella, The border I do not think is an actual tangle.
Shading done with HB pencil

I was not sure that this really fit the challenge exactly.  I was able to draw around one hand, folded. I was unsure whether to tangle on the string itself and opted not to. I think it would have gotten lost in the rest or the tile.  On a regular tile I would not worry about this as much and actually prefer that the string get lost.  As I stated above, I am not sure that the double heart border is actually a tangle.  There are really two ways to do this.  One is you can make connecting hearts and then flip the tile and add the upper arcs of a heart in the space between them. The other is to make altenating "S" shapes.  By alternating I mean you do one and then do mirror images.  That does take some focus, at least for me.

Congratulations if you have managed to get all the way through this post and not just skipped to the picture. If you have not all ready done so would encourage you to go to I am the Diva and look at the art that others have submitted.  Just click on the link.  I got mine done earlier this week so am hoping I can spend time looking at  a few more than I have been able to lately.

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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Diva Challenge #358: UMT - "Pickpocket by Tomas Pedros"

Was not sure that I was going to get anything to post.  This week's challenge was a "Use my Tangle" and featured the tangle Pickpocket.  This tile had a couple of those "unplanned opportunities".  I almost decided just to give up, but opted not to.  Try to encourage my students to use what is there and make it their own.  So that is what I did.  The first "opportunity came up right away. I had seen the tangle before and did not look at the video and the stepout was a little hard to see.  What I did not take into account is that the orientation of the triangles was important to the tangle. If I do the tangle again I would change a few things. One I would start out making triangles rather than dots and trying to turn the dots into triangles.  I also did not notice that the tangle comes together by starting on the top of one dot and going to the bottom the next one.  I could also choose not to try to turn them into triangles and keep the circles which would make it less angular.  Either way, I think the key is going from top to bottom.  I did the small section and was not sure what to do.  After letting it set for a while decided to add a few of the tangles that I enjoy doing.  Is this my favorite tile? Probably not, but it is still unique and there are things that I like about it.  The second "opportunity" occurred when I started doing Featherfall.  I was rushing and just saw the 01 on the Micron.  As I was doing it, it not very good light, I thought that the ink looked different.  It almost looked like it might if the pigment separated and it was more of a blue.  Well after I decided to turn on a little more light and look at the pen, I found out I had grabbed a purple Micron rather than the black.  What to do?  At first I was just going to start using the black where I realized I had been using the purple.  I decided to go ahead and finish the Featherfall with the purple and then use black for the other tangle with which I combined it. That part was planned. Oh well, have to remind myself that I have to use the same principles that I try to instill in my students.  Here is what I came up with, I hope you enjoy it.

Tangles used: Pickpocket, Flux, Zinger, Featherfall, Plume_ar, and Paradox
Shading done with HB pencil. As you can probably tell, I did not use a string in this tile,  It is separated into quadrants however.  

I have not had a chance to look at other things that people have done.  I have seen a few that have been posted elsewhere or have shown up in my "read" file.  Hope to look at some but have lots of other things to do.  If you have not come here from I am the Diva, would suggest that you to there and look at all the great art that has been submitted.  Just click on the link above. If you usually do not participate, give it a try, whether you post it or not.

Thanks for visiting.  As always, comments are welcomed, encouraged, and appreciated..
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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Diva Challenge # 357: "Monotangle - Paradox time!"Par

This will be a short post as I am using my tablet. This week's challenge is to do a Monotangle of Paradox.  This got me on two levels. One, I love doing Paradox as to me it is very relaxing. It is one simple stroke. Second, I needed some relaxation.  I know the first reason will not resonate with a lot of people, but for me it is always true.  I also threw in a little of trying to do the Zen Buttons that have seen posted. Had not tried this before and shading is not my strong point. Was pleased with the result for a first attempt.  Here is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy it.

Picture is not great as I had to email from my phone. 
Have not had any time to look a what others have done.  Will try to look at things this week.

Thanks for visiting. As comments are welcomed, encouraged, and appreciated.
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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Beyond the Basics class and a gift package

I am getting ready for a Beyond the Basics class tonight. Decided to use an idea that was adapted by Debbie Huntington to make Valentine Cards. She adapted it from a Video done by Zentangle® HQ during the 12 Days of Christmas videos that they do.  Here is what I did for mine.

Did this as part of a challenge using 4 tangles. It was a on a FB group that I am a participant. Can use to make your own card with a personal message or use as a frame for a picture.  This used the standard tiles.  Could use the a black tile instead of he Renaissance tile.  I kind of like this combination.  Tangles used are Tipple, Sand Swirl, O-curly, and Plume_ar.  Highlighting was done with a white charcoal pencil and a graphite pencil.  The letters were done with a stub nib fountain pen.

The other thing I mentioned is that I received a package from my sister, who is also a CZT.  She was planning on getting rid of some things and asked me if I wanted some things.  I was not really sure all what she was going to send so it was fun opening the package and seeing what was there. There were a couple of things that I do not remember her talking about.  Here are some pictures of the things I received.

I got some gray Copic markers and Tombow pencils On the top are 2 Sakura Pigma pens. I took a separate picture of them as they did not seem to be on the group picture. The one thing that did not show up and is between the Copic cool gray markers and pencils.  It is a fine line fountain pen.  I have always liked using fountain pens but have not used them for a while. She has presented me with a couple and I enjoy using them.  Sometimes it is a little tricky, depending on the paper as sometimes it will bleed. I have put a nice blue ink in this one and am looking forward to using it.  Not sure if I will use it to tangle or not.  

This was one of the unexpected items.  I have not found out from her where she got it.  It is a pencil case that is made of a reinforced craft paper. It has a sipper.  If could find some it looks like it would be neat class project as could tangle on the paper.  Will explore this a little more fully. 

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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Getting ready for a Pop-up Market : Tangled Whale Tail

I have not been real consistent about doing much tangling lately or about posting things.  Won't go into details but life has been chaotic in our house hold.  Our Farmer's Market did a Winter Market and they are also doing two Pop-up Markets. One is in February and one is in March.  They are run differently in that they run for 3 days and we do not have to be there. They are run more like a store.  I try to do some different things and I have had a number of items that I have wanted to do but have never gotten around to it.  Here is one thing that I finally got around to doing. It was on the clearance shelf at Hobby Lobby.  Hope that you enjoy it.

Tangles used: Diva Dance and Shattuck.  Used both ends of a black IdentiPen to do the tangles.  Not sure that is perceptible in the picture, also used a grey Fabrico marker for a little highlighting. 
Both sides are done in with the same tangles.

Have not done it yet but will probably use a spray matte sealer on it to protect the ink. The picture is a little dark. Tried to use the flash to take a picture but because of the material I got a glare on it and could not get rid of it.

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Diva Challenge #347: "String Theory - Traced Objects "

This was a different challenge this week. I have participated in string theory challenges before but not sure if I had done a traced object one before.  Started this early in the week and just did not get to it.  Think there was a little procrastination as I was not sure what to do.  Still was not sure even after I had traced some things.  The challenge was to use things that were around you at the time not necessarily to pick something specific.  Will give more details later.  I used a Renaissance tile.  Here is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy it.

Tangles used: Hollibaugh, Zander, Knightsbridge, Mooka, Tipple, & Flux

Did not say above but decided to take a picture of the tile before I did any highlighting or shading.   Was not sure what I wanted to do. At first was thinking of just using graphite.  I have used graphite on the Renaissance tiles before but not really a big fan of it.  Had done some layering of colored pencils to get more of a sepia shade for shading but did not really want to take, or have, the time to do this.  I finally decided I would use a white charcoal pencil

Here is what it looks like with the white highlights.

Not really sure how I feel about this.  It is okay.  Could not decide what I wanted to do with Hollibaugh so just left it with no  shading or highlighting.  

Almost forgot to mention what I used to create the string.  The bottom is a wooden handle on a crochet hook.  The two orbs are the inside of the finger holes on a pair of small craft scissors.  The last is the battery cover for my mouse.  I have to confess that what it reminded me of was a ferry boat that was on Lake Erie. It was primarily a vehicle transport and was referred to as the "cup and saucer".  Would go out to the Bass Islands off the Ohio coast.

Have not looked at what others have done.  May not even get to it before the next challenge.  Should be some interesting things as there about anything could be used to create your string.  If you have a chance would strongly recommend that you go to I am the Diva and see what others have come up with.

Thanks for visiting. As always, comments are welcomed, encouraged, and appreciated.

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