Sunday, November 8, 2020

Glass disc Christmas ornaments: 2.5" glass discs with Dura-lar® inserts

Well it is that time of year. Actually I am a little behind schedule to have many new things for the holiday season. Completed one of these and then took me quite a while to get anything else done. Doing these really makes it clear why the Zentangle® method is easier. Whenever try to do ZIAs, get into the issues that do not come up with the basic method. I obsess too much about color combinations. Oh well, I just have to remember to start and see where it takes me. 

These are glass discs and the inserts are 2.5" circles of Dura-lar®. The drawing was done with Microperms and the color was added with either Prismacolor or Faber-Castell polychromes. The polychromes seemed to cover a little more consistently but was pleased with the way that they all turned out. Do not have WIP pictures. The first is a finished one. 

Tangle is Stella with generic leaves.  Cut the circle just a smidge too small so this insert moves in side the disc.

Here are 3 more on Dura-lar Decided to complete all of them before I put them inside the discs. Was just a preference. I like them all but think my favorite is the one in the upper right. That one also gave me the most difficulty deciding what colors I wanted to use. That is what all the color marks on the side. Not sure how much it helped but did help decide to go ahead with certain colors and just let it happen. I also used the Prismacolor metallic silver and gold pencils in this one. I am not sure what the leafy purple tangle is called. I have a lot of variations in my journal but did not write down the name of the tangle. It is similar to Amarin by Debbie New but not sure. It is possible that it was one of those challenges that was to play with Flux and see what different variations could come up with. The basic structure is very similar to Ynix.  Unfortunately not writing down the names of tangles is something I  do too often.  Here are the 3 I came up with.

If you have not used Dura-lar before, it comes in sheets or a roll. I bought a pad of 9"x12" sheets. They will accept ink, pencil, and colored pencil. These are matte finish and can be drawn on both sides. I chose not to do that as you can pick up the image on both sides. I did not try it but it claims to erase easily.  On next ones may try to do some with my colored Microns. will have to be fewer tangles as do not have as many colors in those. Could also use my IdentiPens as the ink in those is similar but there are a few more colors. Not sure if I will get to them this year or not as I have a couple of other projects that I need to work on. 

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Go Tangle !!

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  1. Like I need more supplies but the Dura-lar looks interesting and versatile - will need to check it out.


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