Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Tangle: Fearcles

While I had some time decided I may as well go ahead and post this one as well. This one was actually developed before Exed.. Was experimenting with a grid and possibilities and this is what developed. Is versatile in that can be used to fill a single space, a line, or as fill in a space. It is a  little intensive so cannot be used as well in small spaces with out some modifications. Went through the same process in trying to come up with a name. Nothing really seemed to really grab me. Thought at one time about settia as the one section reminded me of the poinsettia plants but opted not to use that. Came up with the name because the first lines reminded me of feathers and then the rest is finished off with circles, thus Fearcles.

There are a lot of possible ways to fill. Have never used without some type of fill. If you decide to use would love to let me know as I am curious to see how others might use this, fill it and any variations. Here is the step out.

Here are some examples of when I have used it

This one of the first attempts at using the black tiles. Did not attempt any shading. Still not comfortable with that part of it. Will have to do more of these to get the hang of using the white charcoal pencil.This though I think had too much fill to do much shading.

Here is an example of where I had to modify it because of space. I tried putting in the small circles in the center of the feathers with a white gel pen but did not like the way it looked so just put black over them.

Interested in any attempts to use and how it has worked for you. Have fun with it.


  1. Wow, I love this one too. Very creative, great job.

  2. Thanks for your positive feedback. Will look forward to seeing what you do with this.

  3. Lovely pattern, Donald. Looks like lace on the black background :)


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