Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ZIA: Travel Mug Insert

Had seen on another CZT's blog about putting tangles on the insert of a travel mug. Had tried to do some things before and just did not get to it. Finally was able to get something done. Have been working on this instead of doing the Dare and Challenge. Has a dual purpose as these are for gifts for staff in our office and I also want to have a class on this as well as do some for the Art and Craft show later this year.

The hard part was getting the template right. The company that I got the mugs from included paper for the insert, but no template. After a few struggles and searches of the internet, and some modifications of the template, was successful in getting something that worked. Below is the result.

Tangles used: Angel Fish, Paradox, Tierso, Hybrid, Onomato, Keeko, Puf, Ahh,  Betweed, Shattuck, Crescent Moon, Cadent, and Flux 

Other than the letters, this was done in Zentangle style. After I did the letters I did a string to divide the insert into sections and then began doing tangles. This is not shaded yet. Will try to take a picture of it after shading  just to show the difference. Had a little difficulty deciding on the tangles to use, but am pleased with the results. I chose to use colored card stock rather than white. 

Have 4 more to do. Will all be different colors. Will post the results later. 

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