Friday, March 8, 2013

Adventures in Monontangles #1

This is a new challenge begun by Roy Stauffer, CZT. This is his first challenge for his Adventures in Monontangles. Go to his blog, Mindful Creations to learn more about it and to see tiles that others have done.

 It has been a couple of weeks since I have taken the time to do one of the challenges. Think I have been going through tangle challenge withdrawal.  I miss doing them and hope to get back with the Diva Challenge and the Zendala Dare no later than the end of the month. When I saw this one thought it would be an easier one to do since I still am backed up on some other things. In some ways it was.  Roy's instructions were to pick a favorite tangle, create a string, and then fill each section on the tile with the tangle but vary it somehow in each section. Actually, the hard part was picking a tangle to use. I thought of a number of them but finally settled on Cadent. I have to admit that part of my decision was based on the idea that it was easier to think of ways to vary this tangle. It is one of my favorites also.  Part of the fun in doing this was doing the shading. This is usually the part the I have the most trepidation about, but I was pretty pleased with the results on this one. The triangular section was probably the most difficult one to decide what to do. I though about not doing any shading at all but when I looked at it, that just did not look right. Here is what I came up with. Hope that you like it.

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  1. WOW, your Cadent is beautiful. I do love this tile.

  2. I chose cadent to but this one is so very different and beautyfull!!

  3. Donald, I love this tile. The lower left variation is stunning. I hope you do not mind if I use it at some point in the future. Cadent was a great choice for the 1st adventure. I am happy I was able to give you a chance to do a little Tangling. Thanks for taking part in the adventure.

    1. Not a problem with using. As far as I know none of the tangles, tangleations or variations are copyrighted. A piece of art work is protected. Just as a courtesy I would ask that if you use it at least early on, cite having seen it on my blog, with a link back to it.

  4. Wonderful tile, I actually have trouble with this tangle so you've given me some inspiration to try it again.

  5. Beautiful work. I love cadent too.

  6. Stunning. Great job Donald! I love your cadents...


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