Friday, March 29, 2013

Zendala Dare #50

Has been a while since have done a Zendala or submitted anything to the Zendala Dare. Actually, I copied and transferred the template earlier in the week and just did not get to it. Since I all ready had it on a tile could not let it go to waste. Probably was not a great idea to try and finish it during the NCAA tournament. It did keep me from yelling at the TV though. Since I had not done it for a while I kept it fairly simple. Started in the middle and just went with the first tangles that I thought would work. the result is respectable. As usual, the shading is the most difficult thing for me to address.  this was not too bad.  Here it is. Hope you like it.

Tangles used: Spiteria, Ennies, Shattuck, and Zinger.

This is a really late submission. If you have seen it I am really glad that you took the time to visit. You have probably all ready seen all the other submissions. If not, would encourage you to do so. 

As always, comments are welcomed, appreciated and encouraged.


  1. A beautiful zendala with great movement.

    1. Thanks. Did not have that in mind when I first started but after I did the Shattuck, decided to leave a little space and use an organic tile.


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