Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Diva Challenge #232: Guest Blogger, Holly Atwater, CZT : Dual Challenge - Audio vs Betweed - Audio 1

This week's Diva Challenge is definitely a different one. Will do a couple of posts because of the way it is structured. Basically, it starts out like the old Mission Impossible , "....Your mission, should you choose to accept it is ..."  Not really quite like that but can chose to do all or just some of them. I have completed a couple of the audio challenges and hopefully can get to Betweed sometime this week.  This first one is the Audio 1 challenge and I did it on a Bijou tile. Here is what I came up with.

Tangle: Tripoli
Shading with 2B pencil

This was interesting as I had an idea with the first instruction what tangle was going to be used. I tried to pay attention to just he instructions rather than thinking ahead. I added a little more shading to this to highlight the whole tangle.

Will check out what others have done at least for this part of the challenge. Will have to visit a lot for this.

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Go Tangle !!


  1. Hi Donald, I hadn't realised that we were aiming for one particular pattern so we were half way through before it dawned on me. Your tile is definitely nicely spaced and the shading really adds dimension.

    1. I do not know ti if had to be a particular tangle but she did mention at the end that it was Tripoli. I have not looked at a lot of things submitted yet so will be interesting to see if people left large gaps between the triangles.

  2. Donald... I am so pleased that you "chose to accept the mission..." Your tile is wonderful! Of course, it's beautifully drawn and shaded like all your art! I'll look forward to seeing if you complete any other portions of this week's mission!

  3. Very nice Tripoli. I can't even imagine trying to do it without knowing what it is though.

  4. What a beautiful gem! Your signature appears to come complete it with a small diamond.

  5. It has come out beautifully, Donald. Like you, I tried not to guess which pattern it was and love that we've all done something slightly different with it. I look forward to seeing the others that you try.

  6. I admit I punted on "The Mission" and took the easy way out----the alternate mission for wusses. However, you have inspired me to give the meditative challenge a try when I finish my to do list. (Well, maybe before that because my to do list is nigh on interminable). Your Tripoli bijou tile came out very well, so clearly Holly's technique works.

  7. I like your tile and it's shading, Donald. I also like the effect of the wood behind the tile.

  8. I like your resulting bijou tile from audio #1. I did mine back in March or April. I had only tried Tripoli once or twice without much success, so following Holly's directions helped me a bit. I like how yours meanders.


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