Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Diva Challenge #232: Guest Blogger, Holly Atwater, CZT: Dual Challenge Audio vs. Betweed - Audio 2

Here is the second tile I did for this week's Diva Challenge. It is the Audio 2 Meditation. I decided to go out of the box a little and used a Renaissance tile and a brown micron on this instead of a Bijou or original tile. This presented a little more of a challenge. There was a section where she was talking about he shading or highlighting that I did not understand what she was saying to do. I think this is a difficulty with the spoken, and written language, that many times things seem really clear to us because of our frame of reference. Others who do not have this hear it differently. Remember an old communication exercise that use to do where a person had a figure on a piece of paper and what they had to do is give verbal directions to the group to draw the figure on the paper. The person could not use there hands to illustrate and the people could not ask questions. Was always interesting to see the variations that would occur. The idea of there being a "right way" was not relevant in this exercise but it is hard for it not to creep in. Did have to remind myself of that when I was unsure. Made it a little easier to  proceed. I have to admit that as I have looked at others that have done this same audio prompt, I am looking to see how they addressed it. Here is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy it.

Tangles used: Nipa. Shading done with HB pencil. 

I added a little extra shading to accent the movement on this one. I was aware of the tangle that was being used fairly into the directions. Tried to not let this influence me. 

This is one that I would encourage you to participate in as if you just look at the posts of the audio challenges, not sure that it will mean as much to you.

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Go Tangle !! 


  1. Donald! I LOVE this done on the renaissance tile! Beautiful! Your pearls, black pearls, and holes are all wonderfully drawn and shaded! The shading in the base shows the movement so well!

    It is a fascinating exercise to see what other people hear. There is no wrong way... only interpretations! I think you stated this wonderfully in your post! Thanks so much for trying the audio meditations!

  2. Great tile Donald! I like your use of the brown micron, it's effect is lovely. Thank you for your visit to my blog. It was an interesting challenge this one.

  3. Very nice …. I couldn't get #3, so I know I wouldn't have figured this one out!!! I had to cheat!

  4. Very nice tile, Donald. Glad you pushed yourself into following the audio. Couldn't go there myself, but I'm enjoying reading other responses to the challenge.

  5. Dessin plein de délicatesse !

  6. Like it - it is very fine and delicate. Axxx

  7. Donald, this looks great in the brown ink! You did such a nice job on the orbs, too. It looks very refined!

  8. Very beautiful, Donald. I read your comment on Annette's blog and totally agree with you!


Thanks for visiting. Comments are welcomed and appreciated.