Sunday, December 13, 2015

A couple of new things have been working on: Coloring pages and large tile

Have continued to be busy trying to get things together for the market that I am participating in. This next Saturday is the last day. When that is done, I can rest for a little but then I need to do things to get ready for Christmas and I have another baby afghan to get done.

Not like I did not have enough to do but decided to see what would happen if I had coloring pages available. I have not done any before and have not looked at a lot of them. They are popular. Even our local library has some contest going on and the paper had an article about a group that meets weekly.  I wanted to do something that was a little unorthodox. Not totally unusual for me. Came up with two of them and one that I would consider to be more traditional. Cannot say that they were a run away hit at the market but did get people to stop so I could talk with them about classes.  Here is what I came up with.

Tangles used (starting in the lower left corner): Merryweather, Cadent, Tripoli, Shattuck, 'Nzeppel, and 3 quasi paisley teardrops.

Tangles used: Featherfall (Carol Ohl), Scroll Feather (Helen Williams), Antidots (Anita Roby-Lavery), Msst (Zentangle®), Wist ( Michelle Beauchamp), Florz variation (Zentangle®), Frondous, Ahh, Fengle, (Zentangle®), Pixioze (Margaret Bremner). The string is Organic (Sayantika Ray)

Tangles used: Flux, Fescu, (Zentangle®), Henna Drum (Jane MacKugler)

That last page was the easiest to do. Not sure if I will do more or not.

I have worked on tiles before, but the largest I did was a 6" square. This one is just a little shy of double that. I think it is about 11.75". Used Microperm and IdentiPen on this. Took a while to complete because of the size. I am planning to cut cork to glue to the bottom so can be used as a trivet or it can be a part of a center piece. Not sure what I will do to seal it. I have some sprays but I also have some water based polyurethane that I have not tried before. If goes well I have about 5 more this size that I can do.  Here is the tile without the cork on the underside.

Wanted to keep the design fairly simple so I used tangles where there would be a larger amount of negative space. Only used 3 different tangles. Keeko, in the corners is from Zentangle®. Mumsy is by Sandy Steen Bartholomew.  I again used Henna Drum, by Jane MacKugler.  Not sure that I would want to do something with grid based tangles. If I really feel daring, may try one using Tripoli or Quandary.  I like both of those tangles but have never tried them on anything this large. 

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Go Tangle !! 

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