Saturday, January 4, 2020

Another stretch of my comfort zone: Ventures into Edward's Crochet Imaginarium

If you are new to my blog, welcome. If you have been here before, you know that I have done knitting and crocheting for years.  Most of things I did were either afghans or things for the kids as they were growing up. That latter was a long time ago as they are all married and I have 7 grandchildren.  I tried some small things like the "No Fuss" Fish, but most of what I have done lately is limited to mittens, cowls, simple hats and such.  I was sent a link from someone, I blame my sister, of a fellow Zentangle® artist who did something for her grand children. It came from Kelly Lord's "Edward's Crochet Imaginarium".

This was a long journey as I started, and restarted, this numerous times.  I had to  rely on one of the Zentangle® method tenets of don't evaluate/judge but focus on the process. Boy was that hard with this one. That does not mean that I am satisfied with everything with this item but it did help me  try to keep some realistic expectations. Use what happened to learn. Perfection is not the goal and sometimes it is the enemy.

I just call this my Big Green Monster.  I thought that working on the larger size would be easier.  After trying it, I am not so sure.  Here is what resulted in my attempt.

The head and body measure about 14".  The eyes are not like the ones in the directions.  I tried but they turned out like they did.  I added the mouth as it I thought it looked weird without one. I have to work on how I put the stuffing in. Think I over stuffed the body and head. 

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Go Tangle!! or create what ever art you enjoy.

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  1. Guilty as charged for sending the link! Love this, so playful and fun.


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