Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rethinking is it a Zentangle

I guess maybe I have been removed enough from doing the challenge to take another look at the question.  One of the things that I think makes it difficult to answer the question is not knowing if we are using a common definition of Zentangle®. Are you evaluating it as a method? Are we evaluating it as the patterns or the image created by the patterns? The definition on is '... an easy to learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns."  Zentangle also refers to the image/artwork created. For me the key word is structured. To me this does not mean that it is just totally random lines. There is some substance to it. To me random is what occurred in my first tile. There is an image done by RitaN1 that is somewhat random and her image looks fantastic. Is it structured. Structured to me implies that it is something that can be repeated.  I think the one line method can be repeated, so it maybe is structured. I will let others more knowledgeable than me handle that one.

The way that I read the question posed in the challenge had to do whether could create a zentangle using patterns that were not established or their tangleations. To this I would say yes. I do not think that it is just about the patterns. I think the hard part is that there are so many established patterns that I am not sure if anyone knows all of them. If you have been using established patterns for a while, I think it is hard to change your mind set. I think what some people did was a way to approach it. They went looking for new patterns and deconstructed them.

To complicate it even more I think that have to include the method and characteristics of zentangle for it to meet the criteria of a zentangle. While my first tile did meet this criteria, I do not think it met using structured patterns.

I guess that the conclusion that I come to is that it is not an easy question to answer as there are multiple criteria that have to be met, not just whether you use established patterns.

I hope that I have not offended anyone with my comments. Would be open to hearing any responses that you might have regarding this.

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