Friday, April 8, 2016

Diva Challenge #262: "UMT - Fassett by Lynn Mead"

This week's challenge is a Use my Tangle (UMT) challenge. I like to participate in these because it does get a chance to try something new. It was not the case this week as the tangle is one that I am familiar with, and have used often Fassett by Lynn Mead. It really is a versatile tangle. I like the different shapes you get just with simply varying the way you make your triangles. I did do something different with this challenge. I usually do them on the 3.5" x 3.5" tiles. I had started this while I was at an event and was trying to work on something simple.It is an insert that is about 1.5" x 2.5" I just decided to do Fassett. Low and behold, before I finished it this week, it was the UMT for this week's challenge.  Enough rambling, you are here to see some art work. Here is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy it.

Used an 01 Micron to do the tangle. The color is done with Faber- Castell pencils. The orange is a water color pencil and the bluish section is a layering of two Metallic Colored pencils.  The bottom layer is Blue Stratosphere and the upper layer is Silver. I did not do the silver all over but only where the blue and the orange  meet. Did minimal blending with my finger of the pencils. 

Here is a picture of the completed project, a key fob.

I have not had a chance to look at any of the other things posted except for a few things that showed up on my blog feed. Hoping to have some time to see what creative ways people have used this tangle. If you have not done so would encourage you to go to I am the Diva and look at the other pieces of art.

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Go Tangle !!


  1. I love this Fassett you created, lovely coloring too. And the key fob (new word for me, still learning) is great. Good idea for a giveaway.

  2. So beautifully done. Your colours are amazing

  3. Such a lovely piece, Donald! The colours work beautifully here with the shapes. Cute fob too! Axxx

  4. Love it...what a nice fob it made!

  5. this looks like a fine wood inlay! excellent

  6. Super idea…I have a key chain but never thought of this!

  7. Lovely Fassett. I've done my "Z" background with a HB mechanical pencil. Greetings. (Susan Theron)


Thanks for visiting. Comments are welcomed and appreciated.