Saturday, December 31, 2016

Some New Years work and musing: Tangling for fun

I have been so busy doing things lately for the market that I participated in that have not done a whole lot for fun, When the new tangles were introduced at Zen Again, I played with them a bit but did not spend a lot of time with them. One that I liked looking at, but did not seem to get the hang of was Drawings. I think maybe I was trying too hard. Recently tried it again after seeing some of the work that Shelley Beauchamp did. It was better but still I did not fee like it was flowing that well. One of the reasons I wanted to work on it is that I am doing a class in January where I will be teaching the four new tangles. If I was not pleased with them, could not imagine trying to teach them to others.

I had told my granddaughters that after the market I would let them pick out a bookmark from the ones I had. I realized, I did not have that many and I did not have enough for all 6 of them to pick one. (The youngest who will be one I am not worrying about.) So I have been slowly trying to get a few more done. Although this is a project, I usually do enjoy doing bookmarks. A lot of times I will make them a mono-tangle, or do more free form. What better time to try Drawings again. I really did not have in mind to make a post of it but I was pleased with the result. Figured that maybe my struggles might encourage someone else to not give up when they were struggling.  Here is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy it.

Tangles used: Drawings, Heart vine, Ahh
Shading done with 2B pencil

What really seemed to bring this together for me was that I went to the newsletter where the tangles were introduced and just looked at the examples, I did not look at the step outs. Mine now have more of an organic look. Did not thing that I could quite get the feather look yet. Will work on that in the New Year. But these really seemed to flow easily.

I appreciate all of those folks that have followed my blog and I really appreciate those of you who have made comments and asked questions. I know particularly in the later part of the year I was not posting much because most of my posts were for the Diva Challenges and I had not been doing them very often. I hope to be a little more consistent next year and I hope to add a little more about what I am doing and not just the challenges. I have a couple of projects lined up. There is a  possibility that some of the posts will not be about tangling but one of the other areas that I enjoy.

Thanks for visiting, I hope the New Year brings many blessings to you and the people around you. As always, comments are welcomed, encouraged, and appreciated.

Go Tangle !!

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