Monday, January 2, 2017

Another experimentation on Bookmarks: Using a fountain pen to tangle

I know that this is probably not new to some of you but I have not done this before. My sister got me some fountain pens for Christmas. I have used different pens and even done some work with dip pens but had never tried to tangle with a fountain pen. I use them at work, primarily for signatures and entering some information in a chart as I like the way that it looks. It also usually makes me slow down some, so whatever I write is a little more legible.

I know there are a couple of CZTs that have commented that they prefer to tangle with a fountain pen and some of the videos that Zentangle® has posted have been done with a dip pen. This is usually something done by Marie, I do not think I have ever seen Rick use one. Well, one of the pens that my sister got for me has a .03 nib, which is similar to one of the microns. Figured that would make it similar to using a micron. Also she got me some colored inks to try. One of them I used to write a letter, just to see what it looked like. Is not a color I would use regularly to write with so I decided to use it to tangle a bookmark.  Here is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy it.

Tangles used: Tipple, Narwal, Phicops, Dragonair, Zinger, Angel Fish, Boing (variation), Sinchun, and a few little relatives of Bijou. 

Did not do any shading on this. Did try to to a little stippling with the fountain pen. That will take more practice. 

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