Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Crocheted items with some standard stitches and Crocodile stitch

Have not posted much when it comes to the needle crafts. Have not done a lot of things. Spending some time doing some items that I have put on hold as I was doing more of the ZIA's. Did not want to post the one item as it is on its way across the country. The recipient may have it by now, or if not will tomorrow. Have never done this stitch before. Have seen it called a crocodile stitch and a Dragon stitch. Have not really investigated it much to see what the difference exactly is. This one is the Crocodile stitch. Was a little challenging to get it at first, more from the point of how you have to hold the work than it being a difficult stitch. Here is how that turned out.

These are fingerless mittens with a long arm . 

Here is the second item. This one sat in a bag for a long time. Started it and then got busy with other things. Decided that I finally had to finish it. 

This is for an infant. Was not difficult just a lot of carrying the yarn through.

Have a few other projects that am hoping to get to also. Will post pictures if and when I get them done.

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