Saturday, May 20, 2017

Diva Challenge #316: String Theory - Stripes!

The Diva Challenges like this are fun to do and allow me to participate as they come together quicker than some others. I combined 2 different things in this. One is the theme of this challenge, stripes and the other is stacked. Was not sure how the negative space in the corners were going to turn out, but it is okay. Also not sure if the last "stripe"in the middle is really a stripe Can you have a stripe of one?
Here is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy it.

Tangles used: From the outer edge to the middle, Bales, Paradox, Cubine, Puf, and Knightsbridge. I am having a senior moment. I do not remember the tangle between Bales and Paradox.
Did not do much shading. Used an HB pencil for all the shading

Have not looked at any of the entries at I am the Diva. If you have not been there. Would strongly encourage you to go look at all the different pieces of art that have been posted. 

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Go Tangle !!


  1. I like this tile Donald; I like the contrast in it. I also like that carpet (!?) under it :-)

    1. Thanks. Was not really sure how it was going to turn out. The item it is on is actually a placemat. It is made like the rag rugs that people make.

  2. This is amazing. I confess the quilt lover in me went nuts identifying quilt patterns so I had a bit of a fight to see the tangles as tangles, lol. Those negative spaces really make the whole thing work!

  3. Yes! like a beautiful quilt. And the rug below it...brilliant!

  4. I really like these stripes! Great composition!


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