Wednesday, January 2, 2019

More traditional Zentangle® art: Dingbatz and Dingsplatz

Have not done a lot of traditional tangling lately.  By this I mean a 3.5" square tile using only a black Micron and a graphite pencil.  Part of the reason for this is that every November and December I participate in a Winter Market. Keeps me busy trying to have some inventory and being at the event.  I have a class coming up in January and wanted to do something other than a project.  Decided to do a class on two techniques put out by HQ, Dingbatz and Dingsplatz.  I had seen them before but never tried them myself.  Came up with a few things before I put them on tiles.  Here are my first attempts on Dingbatz that I did in my journal.

This is the first one that I did.  It is small. A later picture will give you an indication of  its size.

This is the second one,  You can see the other next to it. It is closer to the size of a Zentangle® tile.

This gives you a little better idea of how the two compare.

I then switched to tiles so I can use them for prompts in the class and also to promote the class.  Here are the two tiles that I created.

The dingbatz is on top.  They are fun to do, especially if you like filling in all the spaces.  I have seen some that have more negative space.  May try that in the future.  Shading on these really makes a difference.

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Go Tangle !!

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