Friday, May 17, 2013

Diva Challenge #118: :UMT v. XVI - Kuke"

Been a busy week and getting to the Dares/Challenges has been a "challenge" itself". Have most of them done, but not getting them posted. I have to admit that while I like the way that Kuke looks it is not one of my favorite tangle. Not sure how much I will use it. May be something that will use as I get ready to do ornaments for Christmas.  But, I guess that that is what these challenges are all about; stretching one out of their comfort zone.Think it does work better as a monotangle or in a piece bigger than the standard Zentangle® tile. Was also a little unsure how to embellish it as I did not like the way that it looked with all that "white space".  The other thing that I tried with this tile is that I used the gray Fabrico marker as fill instead of just pencil. I used it on Batch. Gave a little different shade than just the graphite pencil. Added benefit is that do not have the smudge effect. Well enough musings. Here is the tile. I hope that you enjoy it.

Tangles used: Kuke, Batch, Chainlea, and Sindoo

I know that it is late in the week, but if you have not visited I am the Diva, would strongly recommend it to look at all the great submissions. I have only had a chance to look at a few. Hope to have more time later today to look at them, after I finish those mundane tasks like mowing the lawn. If I am really lucky, I may even get in a bike ride.

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Go Tangle !!


  1. Hi Donald. I think it turned out really nice. I actually like the white space, and all the tangles you chose to go with Kuke. I agree, that a round kuke would make a great Christmas ornament on a Christmas card.

  2. Yes, the fabrico pen is wonderful for shading, great tile.

  3. o0o00o nice kuke, lovely shapes

  4. I do like your tile a lot. I love the open space.

  5. A nice mix of tangles--and love that you used Batch (need to play with that one yet!)

  6. I love all the tangles in your tile, and I too think Kukes will be great for a Christmas tangle. I've been trying to find something to do with the open space in Kuke as well. Batch looks lovely here. I haven't tried it, as yet, but your tile makes me want to play with it now!

  7. What a nice choice of tangels used here Donald. They all work so well together. I like the smudge of the pencil though. I think it adds interesting tonal value and dimension.

    1. I agree Jane. I will not use it all the time, but it was fun to experiment with it.

  8. Nicely done. I agree with your sentiments about this tile. It was hard to do in a small space and it left a lot of white space around it. You solved it nicely.

  9. The small spirals to fill the "white space" are really nice: problem solved, I think!! Sindoo and Batch look great. I want to have a gray Fabrico marker now, hope they sell it somewhere over here....


Thanks for visiting. Comments are welcomed and appreciated.