Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Zendala Dare #76

Not getting to this weeks Dare too late. Was intrigued by the template when I first saw it. Decided that I wanted to do something a little different. Was not sure what, but did not want to do my usual thing. Was hard not to fill in all the spaces. Had thought about doing things and fought the urge. Did not change the template a lot but just added something simple.  Probably also worked more at perspective than usual. Am pleased with the result and enjoyed doing it. Hope you enjoy it.

Tangles used: Tipple, Shattuck, Meer, Fiore

Have not looked at the other things posted on The Bright Owl but plan on doing so during the rest of the week. Would recommend that you do likewise.

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Go Tangle !!


  1. I like this a lot Donald!!! I like the dark lines in it for contrast and I also like the 'handles'.

  2. I DO enjoy it! I totally understand that urge to fill every little shape & corner with tangles - I think that's what happened on my last one. I really love the contrast of the bold lines & the fine lines - & along with the shading, you work on perspective really stands out. If you look at it for a few moments (or at least when I look at it,) you can totally see the layers move apart into foreground & background. good good good good good.

  3. Beautifully drawn and executed with lots of depth! Great job.

  4. You've given this template a very organic feel. Love the "basket handles."


Thanks for visiting. Comments are welcomed and appreciated.