Friday, March 7, 2014

Diva Challenge # 157: " UMT - Charlie"

I finally was able to finish the tile for this challenge. The first challenge of the month is always a UMT (Use my Tangle) challenge and this month's tangle is Charlie by Erin Olson. The inspiration was Charlie Brown's shirt. You can read about it on Erin's blog here. It is an interesting tangle and there are a variety of ways it can be used. I kept mine simple. Was not into a lot of heavy thinking by the time I got around to working on this. Used a very simple string and two other tangles to put with it. Here is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy it.

Tangles  used: Charlie, Batch, Shattuck

For those of you interested in such things, I used a white Signo UM-153 to make the white lines on the black. Did not turn out too bad. White pens are always a challenge.

Since it is late in the week, I am sure that most of you have all ready looked at the other posts on The Diva's website. I hope to be able to spend some time doing this over the weekend.

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Go Tangle !!


  1. Ah! Signo UM-153... so that's your secret! I like the stark contrast between Charlie and the softer patterns.

  2. I like the fact that you kept it simple, because I think zentangle is not about a lot of thinking. I like this result.

  3. I totally agree with Annemarie!!
    And I like your lovely tile!

  4. Excellent contrast Donald, and the line work in the pattern bottom left is very good. Well done :)

  5. Very nice! I like the contrast :)

  6. Love this one Donald! I really like the white lines on the black. I need to get me one of those white pens. :)

  7. I love the tangles you paired with Charlie, and the plaid in the background adds to it, too! Really fun variation :)

  8. Fun, Donald! Our interpretation is very similar.


Thanks for visiting. Comments are welcomed and appreciated.