Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Diva Challenge #223:"Official Tangle - UMBLE"

This week's Diva Challenge uses  one of the tangles that is in the Zenthology, Umble. It was also the focus recently in the Zentangle® newsletter. I have not used it a lot. I think I first saw it in Sandy Steen Bartholomew's Alpha Tangle book. It is interesting as it uses the hollibaugh effect but the rest is pretty basic. This being the case I did want to change it up a little. Also did it on a Renaissance tile. Have been using mostly the original tiles as most of what I have been doing and posting has been on the Square One FB page and that is all you can use. I did remind me though that each tile takes pencils differently. The Renaissance tiles are a little thinner and do not necessarily do layering of colored pencils that well. Had some difficulties with the paper flaking. Did not cause major problems, but just had to be careful. This is what I ended up with. I hope you enjoy it.

Tangles used: Intwine, Umble, 
Inside are Dew Drops. The shading/highlighting is done with lays of Irojiten colored pencils. The bottom layer is Lightning Yellow, the next is Bamboo, and the last is Maple Sugar. If I felt the paper would take another layer I would have tried a red tint to get closer to the brown micron but did not want to chance it. 

Have not looked at many of the other posts, only seen those that showed up on my blog reader. I had all ready started mine when I saw them so was all ready set on what I was going to do. If you have not all ready been to I am the Diva, would strongly recommend you do so and look at the great art submitted by all the other participants. Try it yourself and take a real plunge and post your own.

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Go Tangle !!


  1. I like this tile of yours, Donald. I like the way you used Umble and how it's framed. That frame gives it great depth.
    On my blog you asked how I did the white; well I just used a Sakura white gel pen.

  2. beautiful work, i like the colors

  3. Donald, I love how this has such a tailored look, but softened by the dewdrops. The bit of color is just beautiful! I love your Intwine border. I never know how to get around the corner, but you do It so well! Beautiful!

  4. I like your idea for the composition - a tile within a "tile".Your ambitious border works very well around the Umble and Dew Drops. I'm just starting to play with layering colored pencils. Based on your experience and what I've also read by others, it sounds like I better stay away from Renaissance tiles when I'm doing that. Very nice work as usual.

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  6. Those Renaissance tiles are a bit tricky and I think you did an amazing job with all the colors you were able to add on to the dew drops. Very nice!

  7. Absolutely wonderful tile! I like the colours and the dew-drops!


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