Sunday, May 1, 2016

Diva Challenge #265: "Stripes"

I have not been able to participate in many of the recent Diva Challenges. When I saw this week's, I thought that this was doable with the time I had. Unfortunately, it was not until the weekend. I finally did get it finished. I have not looked at many of the other posts. Most of what I have seen are ones that show up in my blog reader. This is a fun challenge as there is a lot of opportunity for variation. Usually the results are very interesting.

At one point I thought of doing something a little different, like Huggins. Decided I did not really have the time to do this so I went with a more traditional approach. I did at least vary it a little by making the stripes curvy. Here is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy it.

Tangles used (top to bottom): Tipple, Munchin, Cubine, Shattuck, Keys(?), Tropicana, & 'Nzeppel.
Shading was done with HB and 2B pencils.
 Put the question mark as I am not sure what the name of this pattern is. I have seen it used and wanted to try something different. 

As I said, I have not seen many of the other posts. I am hoping to get a chance to look at as many as I can. Would recommend that you take the opportunity to visit I am the Diva and look at the creative things that people have posted. 

Thanks for visiting. As always, comments are welcomed, encouraged, and appreciated.

Go Tangle !!


  1. I really like your tile! I love how it flows along. I like that one tangle that you called Keys. Sounds like a good name to me, but I haven't seen it before. It fits in your stripes very nicely.

  2. I do like your tile, Donald! The curvy lines and the tangles you have chosen are just great.

  3. Me too, I like this tile very much, nice flew, well chosen tangles and good balance between black and white

  4. This is so nice, Donald. I miss it when you don't have time to participate, but truly understand. I really like the "keys" and the Cubine.


Thanks for visiting. Comments are welcomed and appreciated.