Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Diva Dare # 124: "We Are Calgary"

This week's challenge is an open challenge focused on recent events in Calgary. The basic request was that keep Calgary in our thoughts as well as any other place on earth that has been impacted with some sort of tragedy. This was tough as was not sure what to do. Even after I was done, there were a lot of negative things that went through my mind about this ZIA. but I am not going to There have been a variety of things lately that have occurred such as the tornadoes in Oklahoma. When such things occur, as Laura mentioned there are stories that emerge about miraculous things and the community pulling together. It does not change the events that occurred but provides some level of hope and comfort to those involved. That was the focus of my thoughts as I was doing this ZIA.  Even with the raging water and the parts of the earth stripped bare, there are signs of hope and life that still emerge. I am not sure that the images accurately portray this, but it is a message of hope.  I hope that you enjoy it.

If you have not been to I am the Diva would encourage you do visit and see the other great tiles and ZIAs that others have submitted. 

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Go Tangle !!


  1. I had a little bit same ideas than You, I mean the new start, growing, hope...
    I draw, too, water, plants ...
    But Our zentangles are quite different, as always, because this is art.

    I like Your patterns lines about corner to another.

  2. Lovely tangle Donald!!

  3. I can see the hopoe you were portraying, rising above the waters.

  4. Really like your tile. I agree, this week's challenge was difficult. However, you captured its essence.

  5. You captured the disaster and the hope to emerge, love how you put it all on the slant to capture that feeling.

  6. Donald you always make such good choices in your designing! This is gorgeous!

  7. Love your thoughts, Donald, very well spoken! Your ZIA illustrates your words beautifully!

  8. Yes there is hope after seeing the earth slip sliding away, well done.


Thanks for visiting. Comments are welcomed and appreciated.