Sunday, July 13, 2014

New Tangle, Tangleation, or just a pattern? Not sure: Basquals

Finally getting around to posting this. I had posted it earlier on a FB page for CZTs and got a number of comments. This is a tough one as I think there are some basic shapes and/or elements that can be a base and it can then go in a lot of different directions. A prime example of this is Bales. There is a basic structure and there are so many different ways you can take it. Are these tangleations of Bales or are they new tangles. I really do not have an answer to that question. I can show you what I did. This picture is what started it all. Saw it in an ad on the internet. Had not seen it before, so decided to play with it.

 Here is a step out and a simple way to fill it. There are numerous other possibilities, and I will show you what I came up with later.  Here is the step out.

Not terribly difficult. Step #5 is just one of about 15 possible ways that I came up with to finish it off. I enjoy doing this. Start with a basic element and then just experiment. I did this with "S" shape also. Did not name anything on that and have not gotten it posted to My Tangle page yet.  Here are the different ways that I came up with to finish Basquals.

I do not know whether these are tangleations or some of them would be separate tangles. Some are very similar to Dex and Panes. Would be interested in any comments or ideas that you have.

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Go Tangle !!


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    1. Thanks. I am going to put together a Beyond the Basics class for this in the near future. I have wanted to do one on deconstructing tangles for a while, but have not offered that yet.

  2. I think they are variations on Pane, but still very nice how you found so many interesting ways of using it!

    1. So would you say that Pane is a variation of Dex?

  3. isn't it fun to play around with a pattern and find all the various ways it can be drawn? this looks like a good basic pattern to explore!


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