Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Trim-A-Rim: Final Versions

Finally was able to complete this. This comes in two sizes and I worked on the smaller one first. Don't have the exact dimensions but can find it by going to their web site by clicking here on Trim-A-Rim. I think the smaller one is about 7" and the larger one is about 10".  I posted the color version before. Here is the black/white version with shading. Not sure how well the shading shows up in the picture.

They come with some ready made rings, a stencil with shapes to create you own and two blank templates, which is what I used. It also includes a small black dry erase marker and some magnets that can be used to attach a message to it.  Here are pictures of it in the unit. First the B/W version.

Did not take all the packaging off as I am not sure whether these will be gifts or they will end up as sales items. 

Here is the color version. First with the mirror.

And now with the Dry erase board side

Forgot to mention that on the back of the ring there are about 5 magnets so that it can be attached to the inside of a locker. There is also a molded key hole that can hang it on a wooden door or wall with a nail. 

The color one was pretty labor intensive. not sure what I will do with the larger one. Right now am thinking more of a monotangle or duotangle just to keep it simple. If it is not too long before I get it completed will probably post it. 

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Go Tangle !!


  1. Do you always win? ;-). (Saw where you won on weekly roundup too) these look great! I'm sure the color took more effort, but I'm partial to the black and white. The shading shows up nicely. Nice!

    1. I wish!. If I did I would begin buying lottery tickets. You are right, the color was a lot more time consuming. I was pleased with the results as i do not use color a lot. Hopefully it will not take me as long to use the things I won from Genevieve as it did to get this one done.


Thanks for visiting. Comments are welcomed and appreciated.