Friday, July 3, 2015

If It Doesn't Move, Tangle It: River Rocks

Had seen a number of posts of people doing this. One was Annette Carlo at Call it What You Quill. She used a stylus and ink to do hers. I have seen some that I think that were done with paint and a paint brush. It is a special brush as what I have read it is made to do small dots of paint. Not using a lot of other mediums, am not sure what they are called. Looked interesting and thought I would give it a try. Learned a couple of things. The stylus is not easy to use. You also have to be patient and let things dry. If you don't, you smudge or wipe off what you just did. Rocks are not easy to hang on to. I'll add a little more after the picture. Here is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy them.

Materials used: The ink is an acrylic artist's ink that I got at Hobby Lobby. The colors are done with paint pens. Most are extra fine DecoColor paint pens. 

Not sure how many more of them I will do. Will have to wait and see. There are a few other projects that I want to work on. This was an interesting endeavor. 

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Go Tangle !! 


  1. I've seen some artists use the blunt end of the brush handle to make various size dots. Easy to clean, and you have many choices of sizes, depending on the brushes you have. Just remember to keep the handle perpindicular to the surface for best results. Also, see if you can find some of that lacy-rubbery stuff RVers use to keep the plates in the motorhome from slipping around. It works really well on holding stuff steady while you paint it, either in your lap or hand, or just placing the item on it on the table. Maybe you have a friend with an RV that might have some of the stuff around, or try WalMart or Target. Sometimes you can find coasters made of the stuff.

    I enjoyed this post very much and look forward to more of your work and your expression of how you accomplished it. Thank you!

  2. Oh Donald, these are gorgeous!!! I am so happy that you have given it a try! I love the use of color!! I have not tried that yet. I hope to see more. I am probably going to be doing some this week, as I thought they would be nice little gifts for my Vacation Bible School class. (Too bad they're not old enough to try teaching a little Zentangle. Soon I hope to be doing some teaching. Are you teaching classes? It would be so nice to live close to some of my fellow bloggers, like you, to tangle together! Have a blessed day and keep on Zenstoning!!! They looks great!! (((hugs)))) :0) Annette


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