Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tangling for fun: Flextangles and Tri-hexaflexagon

Getting ready for some events early in August. Wanted to have something fun. Not sure if I will sell these are do something to give them away as a way to attract customers. Either way they were fun to do. There are two different things. I only have one done with a little heavier paper. That is the flextangle. This post will have a lot more pictures than I normally post just to show you the different sides. and templates I have created.
Here are pictures of a completed Flextangle.

The tangles are done with microns and gel pens. The other sides are done with colored pencils. I did not make a copy of this so there will only be one like this. 

I did do a couple of other templates. Here are those. I have not made copies of these and put it together yet.

I did a little shading on the second one. Not sure if I will do any shading on the other. I kind of like it without. May keep it that way for the variety.

This last template is a little different.

The Paradox was done with colored Microns. The one above it is colored using Tombow markers. I have not used them a lot but they worked well on this. This is a Tri-hexaflexagon. If you are not familiar with these, here is a link to a page to see them.  The Flextangle is easier to change the pattern but is a little harder to put together. The opposite is true with the Tri-hexaflexagon. It is flat so it is easy to put together but it took a while to figure out how to change the sides. I also think that it works better when you have patterns that are the same and you change the colors. 

The templates and the completed items were done on 90lb drawing paper. It is not as stiff as some of the card stock I have used, but it is heavier than copy paper. It withstands the flexing fairly well. 

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Go Tangle !! 


  1. Hum! How pretty! Are these those items kids fold and write fortunes inside? I never did learn how to fold those nor new what their names were. Never thought of drawing pictures on them. I'd like to buy some templates. How?

    1. These are not the things that people folded and then wrote things underneath. These just have the tangles/patterns on the side. they are glued so nothing flips up. The templates are free. Here is the link for the flextangle. The other link is listed in my blog.


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