Friday, July 27, 2018

Beyond the Basics class: Tangled 3-D House

Just completed a class using Dorian Eng's tangled houses concept.  Was a fun enjoyable class.  Was a challenge getting them together but learned a few things that I will use if I do the class again.  Here are pictures of the different pieces to the house.

Only a picture of the gable that is in the front of the house.  The back is similar except  there are no flowers and I did the tangle Gneiss where the window is on this one.

Here are the tiles for the roof.  I used the tangle Shing.  

Here are the front and back.  The front is on the left.

These are the two sides.  

Here are pictures of the house put together.  


The one on the right is one of the student's houses.  This is the front.  I took a series of all sides.  Here they are.

One student had the tangling done but did not get it all constructed. She is a big Harry Potter fan.  She did a Slithering theme.  Here is the picture I took of what she had done in the class.

She sent me a picture of the finished house after class. She has Harry Potter lego figures in front and used an electric candle for the lighting.

Here are pictures that she sent me after she had completed it.

You can see the lego figures better in this picture.

She added tissue paper behind the window cut-outs for an additional "green glow".  Said she was looking for a darker green and may put that in it.

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Go Tangle !!

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