Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Afghan # 6: It is finally done

This is not my usual blog post since so many of them have to do with my work with Zentangle®. For those that have explored a little further on my blog, you may remember that I had indicated that I had made afghans/blankets for each of my grandchildren. I had not yet been able to finish the one for granddaughter #6.  I figured that this would be as good a time as any as I am off work due to the holidays. All I had to do was the border and finish. This is a slight modification of a Leisure Arts pattern entitled Pastel Stripes. I do not have pictures of others but did a few others for some of the other granddaughters from the same publication, "Make One for Baby". I beat the deadline of getting it done before her 16th birthday. She will be     1 year old in a couple of months. Well here are a couple of pictures of the finished product.

Took this with a flash to hopefully help see the colors better.

This one was taken without a flash and a very slow shutter speed since there was not a lot of light except for the tree. Like the way this one looks better than the first one.

Colors of the stripes are pink, blue, yellow, green, peach, lavender and a variegated yarn. The pattern called for aqua but could not find any so had to substitute.

Not sure how many more of these I will need to make.  


  1. You do nice work. Your Aunt Ruth would be proud.

    1. Thanks. Would have a long way to go to make as many as she did though.


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