Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Creating artists one stroke at a time - Kokomo Perspective: Home

This is an article that ran today. Was publicizing an upcoming class that I am doing. Is not a bad article but not sure why they did not include Rick and Maria's names. I used them a couple of times. Anyone who is local and available would love to have you come and join us at this class.

Creating artists one stroke at a time - Kokomo Perspective: Home: Kokomo’s Don Wilka always considered himself a doodler rather than an artist. However, after being introduced to an art form that allowed him …


  1. That's a great article!. How exciting to be sharing the practice of Zentangle as an artist in an art gallery.

  2. Thanks Dianne. The Gallery though is probably more like the Guild in Marion. It is a gallery for local artists and a few have studios in the building.

  3. This is wonderful Donald. Congratulations and have fun with your classes.

    1. Thanks Jane. I forgot my camera for the first class so do not have a picture of the tiles. I am hoping to not have another "senior moment" this time and will post those.


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