Sunday, December 23, 2012

CZT Loves Heal Event: Additional Tiles

Got the first tile done for the CZT Love Heals Event for the people in Newtown CT. Really wanted to try to do more but was not sure if I would have time. I was finally able to complete two more. The first one is similar to the first one I did in that the first letter of each tangle spells out a word. This one is HOPE. My wish is that the people impacted by this event be able to regain a sense of hope, particularly the children. Hope for the future. My wish is also that they have a sense and belief that there is hope in the arms of their Savior whose birth, is the focus of our celebration at this time of year. If they do not currently have this, my hope is that this is something they can achieve as the days go by. Such acts have no understandable explanation. Our hope is that our Lord and Savior is faithful and as he promises will never leave us. He is with us always. A fellow tangler and blogger, Barbara Geer posted the poem Footprints along with a beautiful ZIA. Would encourage you to click here to view what she posted. Here is my second tile.

Tangles used (from upper left across) : Huggins, Onomato, Paradox, and Eenies  

The second is different in that I tried to express a sentiment through the tile. I do not think it needs much explanation. 

Tangles used: 'Nzeppel, Diva Dance, Flukes, Triangles, and Shattuck.

My hope is that they know that they remain in our thoughts and prayers as they go through the process of healing. 

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