Saturday, April 20, 2013

Adventures in Monotangles #7 - Onomato

Have been pretty productive getting challenges done the last couple of days. This week's Adventure is to use Onomato. I figured what better time to work on a little color technique than with a monotangle.  Did not turn out exactly the way I would have liked. Will have to do a little bit more work on remembering the color wheel. It was an interesting process. I thought enough ahead of time to take pictures of the process along the way. The end result is okay. Hope you enjoy it.

This is what the tile looked like before I started to add any color.

This is the first layer of color. Did not want to do too heavy but think maybe I did it too light.

This is the next layer. Almost went back and just did this layer with better coverage, but decided to push forward.

This is where the color started to get a little funky. Looks almost like rainbow.

Hmm. Taking on a totally different character. Not thrilled about the green around the outside. 

Trying to get something a little more suitable. Beginning to like some of the areas a little more.

Here is the end result. Like some parts of it but not as satisfied with the larger orbs. Am going to have to work on my color blending technique a whole lot more. 

For all the things that I can find about this that I do not like, I am  not totally dissatisfied with the end result. Did not have a broad spectrum of colors to choose from. Will definitely look for more vibrant colors in the next set of pencils that I purchase. Most of this was down with a basic set of InkTense pencils.

Would encourage you to go to Mindful Creations to see what others have come up with. As usual with the Zentangle® community, the results are unique and varied.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the process of coloring, Nice to be able to follow that.
    I think the endresult is quite worth while all the work. I like it a lot.

  2. love your workshop :) and your tile is beautyfull.

  3. lovely result and so interesting to see the process


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