Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ceramic Blanks : Tangled Treasure Boxes and Ovals

Earlier on a Facebook page another CZT, Gillian McAuliffe, posted pictures of some ceramic treasure boxes she was working on for her staff. She was kind enough to give out the information about where she had gotten the boxes.  I explored a little and decided to get some to work on. I have only completed 3 so far. Here is what I have done. Hope you enjoy them.

They are not the easiest to photo graph so you can see what is on them. They are pretty rough so you have to prep them before you start using pens on them. If not they will wear away your nibs. I used Modge products to prepare the surface and as a finish. The finish is Dimensional Magic. Not knowing a lot about things, I wonder if gesso might also be used. Not sure who to check with on this. The Modge Podge, I thinned out a little and brushed it on. The finish is really just suppose to be spread on from the bottle but because of he shapes, and not wanting to do one side at a time, I also brushed this on. For the tangles, I think I only used Identi-Pens. I may have used some Sharpie pens for the color on the circular one.  Since this was the first time I worked on these, I kept the designs pretty simple. 

There are other shapes available also. I think there is a star and a hexagon. I just got the circle and the squares. I did get one other things. There are also 1.5" ovals. I got 10 of these. I thought they would make neat pendants. Again they need some prep before you start tangling on them. I did the same on these as the boxes. The strap is 38" of Suede . I am pleased with the way that they turned out.  Here are a couple of pictures, Hope you enjoy them. 

The first 2 that I did were just black and white but I did not take pictures of them. 

For anyone interested, I got these through Ceramics by Donna on e-bay. If interested, here is a link to her store,

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Go Tangle !!

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