Friday, November 7, 2014

Tangled Votive Candle holders

I had done some votive candles before where I used the technique of making the design on tissue paper and then used a heat gun to attach them to the candle. People would look at them and say how they liked them but they would not buy them because they were too pretty and they would not want to burn them. Kind of defeats the purpose of them. Wondered what else that I could do. Was in Hobby Lobby one day just looking at things. They have battery operated candles that have a wax covering. Thought that that would be too difficult to work with directly and did not know how the tissue paper technique would work. I may still try it. I was about to to look at other things and ran across these frosted votive candle holders. They came with battery operated tea candles. I decided to use an Identi-Pen to make tangles on the holders. Here is what they look like. I hope you enjoy them.

I kept the tangles simple on these first ones. The one on the right has different grid based tangles and the other is a monotangle using Fassett.  I guess that people would have the option of putting a real candle on the inside after the battery ran out if they did not want to replace the battery. They are the wafer type.

 I have a clear holder that I am going to try using the same technique. From working on clear glass ornaments, that presents some challenges as you see through as you are working on it. It can be difficult to keep track of the lines. 

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Go Tangle !!


  1. Like the frosted holders - I should try those probably less time consuming than the woodburned ones lol. On the clear ones maybe tape some paper on the inside while your working on it?

    1. Maybe are less time, but I really like your burned candle holders. They are unique and that is a big draw. I guess I really need to practice a little more with my burner, as simple as it is, as I like these items. Sometime email where you got them.

  2. I like the candle holders. It is a unique look.

  3. Very pretty! I always love to try tangling on new things!


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