Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Diva Challenge #91 -Beads of Courage, Second Submission

In my earlier post I had stated that I had started another one but did not have time to finish it. Well I was finally able to finish it. This is more of a traditional zentangle as I did it in black and white. I used another symbol again, but for me this is a more traditional symbol of strength, courage, and hope. So I felt it was very appropriate for the theme of this challenge. The children dealing with chronic conditions show, and need, all of these.

 The hardest part about this tile was the shading. It would have been too easy to highlight the whole thing. I decided to try a few things that Sandy Bartholomew demonstrated in the recent shading Mini-clinic on  Have mixed feelings about the results, but over all for a first attempt at some things was satisfied. I keep repeating . "It is about the process."

Attempted to use some tangles on some of the beads but a lot are just embellishments.

Hope others enjoyed this challenge as much as I did. Enjoyed seeing quite a variety of things and some really unique presentations. If you have not been to the Diva's blog to see the other entries, encourage you to do so. Click on the highlighted words to go there.

Please feel free to make any comments. They are welcomed and appreciated.


  1. Thank you for your encouraging comments. As time intensive as this challenge was I still enjoyed doing it.

  2. I love the cross, definitely where we get our strength from and a beautiful addition to the theme of this challenge. Great design, a beautiful job on your beads! Well done!

    1. Thanks Dawn. The more times I look at this, the more I am attracted to it. It is becoming one of my favorite tiles. Its simplicity almost increases the focus on the cross. Doing that was a new experience for me. I do not see myself doing many images. I struggle with symmetry and such. This one did take me a few tries, but looks better every time I look at it.


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