Friday, July 12, 2013

Diva Challenge #126: " Stencil Fun" 2

I had mentioned in my earlier post that I had another string. Was not sure that I was going to get it done. Wouldn't have if I had not forgone the Zendala Dare (sorry Erin). This one is very different from the other one. I used a stencil with all different size circles on it. I only used two different sizes. Here is what I started out with.

Was not anything special. Just made a bunch of circles. Here is what I ended up with when I was done.

This was fun to do but it did take a while figuring out what tangles to use. I did not want to repeat any. I was not completely successful as I did use Ahh in 2 of the circles. As usual, shading was probably one of the more difficult decisions. Tried a couple of different things. Over all I am pleased with the result. 

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Go Tangle


  1. I am pleased with the result too! :) Good shading and I love the interconnections.

  2. This is very lovely! Especailly I like the well-balanced contrast and the shading.

  3. Nice mix of lights and darks in the tangles!

  4. Love how you connected your original circles and created a 'wholeness' to the tangle :)

  5. you should be pleased - this is really intriguing to look at! So much to see and fun to try to follow the weave... Well done!

  6. I love that most of the balls look different. I think it's a challenge to try new patterns and not always fall back to the ones I know the most. I like that they all seem "tied" together. I think that would look great in Christmas colors for a Christmas card. Maybe do the same thing for Easter only more egg shaped. Such possibilities!


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