Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Zendala Dare #38


First challenge of the new year and the first zentangle/zendala of the year. Looking forward to a year full of tangling and teaching.

You would think after doing these a couple of months that I would have learned a few things. I guess I have but I am still a slow learner on a few things. There must be something about zendalas that make it harder for me to imagine the outcome. This was one I had a hard time deciding what to do. Rather than over thinking I just started and let it happen. Again though, I was not really seeing it until I was near the end and the shading also added a dimension that helped complete the piece. I need to keep working on being patient.

I thought about starting over but am glad that I did not. I am satisfied with the end result.

Could not decide on which picture I liked best, so just decided to post them both. Both were taken without a flash but the first was with manual settings and the second was with auto setting.

Tangles used: Florz, Indy-rella, Inapod, Wist, Zander, & Allium(variation)

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Hope you all had a Happy New Year and wish great tangling adventures throughout the year.


  1. The graphic center really pops against the more delicate background-you must have a lot of patience to do all that line work! Nicely done!

  2. PS: Your link doesn't work from Erin's page--it just redirects you back to the dare...

  3. Great zendala, i like the sceond photgraph better than the first one. Your linework is beautiful!

  4. It is very beauryfull!
    Yes somethimes its hard not to think and just let it happen.
    But the outcome is usualy better that way.

  5. Each has its strengths....it is fun to experiment with the camera! I think I like the second a bit better because my eye is drawn to the lines which are the magic in the photo!

  6. I like the second one best too. I think with this colour there is some tranquility in it.

  7. Thank you all for your comments. It was interesting that with the camera, the background color was more accurate with the first picture but it did give an orange hue to the zendala. Second one mutes, the background sheet and is more accurate on the zendala. Will have to work more with the camera. Was easier with my old 35mm Minolta but did not see the results as quick.

  8. Hi Donald, I don't know what has happened, or if it's just me, but when I click on your entry (from the bright owl page), it won't connect to anything ... I had to find you by googling your name. Love your zendala(s), though I prefer black and white. Nice choice of tangles, and great shading!

    1. I guess it's your first entry that I couldn't get.... did anyone else?

    2. Sue, the first one was really not an entry. I was having trouble with my modem and I inadvertently put in the Bright Owl url so when poeple would click on my name it would just go back to that page. The zendala is done in black and white. The orange tinge in the first one is the result of settings on the camera. It is the same zendala.


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