Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bookmark featuring Phicops

Do not usually make multiple posts in one day but I was working on some things for an upcoming class. I try to make bookmarks and include them in their class kit. Besides being something that I can give them, it also allows me an opportunity to experiment. These are 2" x 6" strips of card stock. This one has a texture.

I photographed it horizontally as I could get a closer picture. The card stock is a very light tan. I used Sakura Metallic Gelly Roll pens to make the tangles. For the shading I used colored pencils. I layered two colors with the lighter one on the bottom. Tried to get a color that was at least in the color spectrum of the Gelly Roll pens. Not sure if the picture really brings out what it looks like but, it does have a slight two-tone effect. I was rather pleased with the results. 

Would be interested in hearing what others think of it. I am planning on doing a couple more. Not sure if I will use the metallic pens or just the Gelly Roll pens but will probably experiment a little more with this shading on other tangles. 

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