Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Tangle, or just a pattern: Patchett

This is not a pattern that came out of my head but something that I saw while shopping. When I got home I quickly sat down to recreate and deconstruct. May not look exactly like the original. Cannot really tell as I do not have any pictures of it. Would like feedback from other CZT's and tangling enthusiasts if this is an  already established tangle. I could not find anything where I searched, but as I mentioned there are so many different tangles now it is hard to remember.

Here is the Step - out:

Did not spend a lot of time looking at variations. I am sure that there are many more and that with all the great tanglers out there, there will be more.  I have not used this a lot either. When I did it was as a single thumbnail.  Here is the Zendala where I used it.

I appreciate any feedback, comments or insights.

Now if I am lucky, I can get a start on this week's Zendala Dare.

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