Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tangleation, New Tangle, or just a pattern : Tierso

Really looking for some assistance from fellow CZT's and other tangling enthusiasts.  Was sitting and thinking about the spindles that would see on stairways and architectural dividers. Began drawing and came up with something that I am not sure if it is new or something that stuck in my brain from other things that I had seen. It has some components similar to other tangles but this is put together a little differently.  I do not want to take anything away from anyone else so if anyone is aware of this being an all ready established tangle, please let me know. I have tried to research it a little but there are so many and different places where they get posted. Have not seen anything like it, but there are so many tangles now.

The name is not really significant. Used a word generator and the small orbs reminded me a little of tears, so when I saw Tierso, it seemed to fit. I first thought of Newell, but that name is all ready taken by Sandy B.

First, here is the Step - out:

Makes a simple border but can combine it to cover an area. I have not used it a lot but did use a variation in a recent Zendala. The area was not large enough to use as a complete fill. Here is what that looked like. Some of you may remember it.

Let me know what you think. Comments are always welcome, encouraged and appreciated.


  1. Looks lovely, Donald. I like its multiplication and effect and the fill options :)

  2. Thanks. When I first did it I thought it was too easy for someone else not to have done it. I began experimenting with expanding it beyond just as a border and it just developed. I will probably use it more as a string or border but will be interesting to see how others might use it.


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